The Stryd

Genre Surf
City Rome
Country Italy
Years active 2015
Tags punk Rome


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The Stryd was formed through a shared visceral love for rock'n'roll that would take them back to the roots of their musical passion: heavy, fast but melodic songs, composed with the accuracy of the Beatles and played with the urgency of the Ramones.

Their music is a synthesis of their energy, their musical skills and their mutual affection and understanding, delivered in the pure and direct language of punk, garage, surf and rock'n'roll. 

The Stryd's debut release, featuring 12 original tracks of punk power-pop that reflect the twistedness of our times at supersonic speed, will be released by Sharawaji Records as a Limited Edition Digipack CD, available for pre-order on Tuesday 6th October 2015.  Digital downloads will be available from from December 2015.

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