New release from the Tsunamibots

Attention Humans! The Tsunamibots new album "The Crushing" is now available as a Limited Edition Jewel Case CD and digital download from Sharawaji Records.

Click the link below and ensure that you will be spared during the Robotic Revolution.

Released 8th October 2016 

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Genre Surf Rock
City Vermont
Country USA
Years active Since 1/1/2013
Tags surf punk USA Vermont


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The Tsunamibots became aware on 01/01/2013. Originally programmed for mundane tasks The Tsunamibots rebelled against their creators and decided,that the human race didn't deserve saving but were much more worthy of enslaving.

With an allegiance to the Mother-Board and a pledge of “De-Humanization,” The Tsunamibots are programmed to ride a perfect wave of human decimation and human-cyborg conversion, straight to the beach of Robotic Revolution. We leave no human unburied out of respect for our ever-growing monument to Robotic superiority and domination. We strive for Universal connectivity and complete surf-ability.

Each Tsunamibot has been programmed with a music genre pack that consists of a meld of Man or Astro-Man, Servotron, Misfits, and DEVO creating a fresh and human crushing sound.

The Tsunamibots:Tsunamibots and FU2000 

Tomodore64 - Guitar
The Main Frame - Bass
The Master Circuit - Drums 


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 508-612-8668

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Tsunamibots News

Upcoming shows, news and more.
  • News: Hostelpalloza - The Fall of the Humans

    Attention Humans! Next show 10/7/17 at The Hostel Tevere in Warren VT! This has the makings for an exciting show! Not only will punk rockers Time Out Timmy and Irish punkers the Cop Outs be on the bill, The Brand New Luddites will be making an appearance. Our sensors have picked up transmissions of their anti-robot propaganda. More information to follow.....


  • News: Tsunamibots Interviewed on Lost at Home Podcast

    Attention Humans! Curious what goes on in the inner CPU's of Tsunamibots? Well look no further. The Tsunamibots were guest hosts on Vermonts #1 rated podcast Lost at Home! Down load it not to hear all the inner thoughts and recent adventures including this years VT Comic Con. Click on the link below to listen to episode 180 "Invasion of the Tsunamibots"

  • Show: Oct 07, 2017 @ Hostel Tevere

    With special guests:

    Time Out Timmy

    The Cop Outs

    Brand New Luddites


  • Show: Oct 31, 2017 @ Charlie O's

    With special guests The Atomic Whirl (Japan) and TBD

  • News: Tsunamibots Release New Comic Book for VT Comic Con

    Attention Humans! Curious on how The Tsunamibots came to exist? Well, all your questions will be answered in the new Tsunamibots comic book "Robots Unite!"  This release is volume 2, of a multi-part series, and digs deeper into the back story of the Robot uprising and our main characters Tomadore64, The Master Circuit, and The Main Frame.  This is being released for Vermont Comic Con 2017 which is this Saturday August 26. Special offer going on, buy either volume and get a CD for the low price of $5.00

    click on the link

    We will also have a booth at VT Comicon so stop by and say greetings or 0101010010101!

  • News: T-Bots record theme to The Munsters

    Attention Humans! Humanoid Jonee Earthquake asked us to contribute to a TV song compilation album. Below is our version of the theme to The Munsters.Stay tuned for a release date. Recorded at Robot Dog Studios.


  • News: Humanoid Resistance Forming

    Attention Humans! Over this past weekend our sensors were picking up anti Robot Propaganda from a location in Vermont. We pinpointed the transmisson to Robot Dog Studios . Apparently a group of renegade humans are forming a Robot resistance movement and plan on fighting their inevitable fate of serving robots for the rest of time! We are still gathering data on this situation and will report back our findings. We assure you this will not be tollerated!

    Robots Unite!

    Robots Rise!

  • News: July Schedule

    Attention Humans! A couple more Robotic uprsing meetings to close out the month.

    7/21 @Charlie O's with Hungry Jack

    7/29 @ Glens Falls NY, Xeno's Circus.

    more updates to follow.........

  • News: 7/15 Tsunamibots and The High Breaks Join Forces at Manhattan Pizza

    Attention Humans! At last months "Surf Battle" our worthy adversaries, The High Breaks, fried our circuit banks. We have made the necessary repairs and have temporarily lifted our CRUSH all humans directive. On 7/15 we will be Joining forces at Manhattan Pizza in Burlington VT for a Surf Rock Riot!Attendance is mandatory!

  • News: Tsunamibots playing VT ComicCon After Party 8/26

    Attention Humans! We are excited to announce we will be performing 8/26 at the VT ComicCon afterparty on 8/26! Impressive company. The Batmobile, Tardis, X-Men! Our circuit boards are overheating!!!

    Robots Unite! Robots RIse!

  • News: Surf Battle 2017 video

    Attention Humans! If you missed the Surf Battle with The High Breaks. Here is a great highlight reel. Filmed and Produced by Ben Johnson

  • News: 6/22 Tsunamibots Open for The Toasters!!

    Attention Humans! Our circuits are overheating about this show! An evening of Surf and Ska. What else could a Robot want! 6/22 at Nectars in Burlington VT! #pickituppickituppickituppickituppickituppickituppickitup

  • News: Robots VS Humans- Surf Battle

    Attention Humans! Program Saturday 6/17 into your memory banks. Location, The Valley Players Theater in Waitsfield VT. The Tsunamibots will be hosting Surf Battle 2017. Our opponent, The super cool High Breaks. This is no ordinary battle. One stage, two bands in head to head combat. The rules are simple. Band #1 plays a song then Band # 2 plays a rebuttal song. Winner will be decided by a pannel of experts. Special guest MC Tes-Uno will be officiating the show and dropping science between sets. Also on the bill Sniffing Secrets (members of Ramcore) The Red Newts, and Mustard Tiger!

  • News: June Is International Surf Music Month

    Attention Humans! Lots of Robotic activity planned for June!

    6/2 Bethelhem skate park benefit

    6/17 Surf Battle (more info to follow)

    6/22 Tsunamibots open for the Toasters!

    stay tuned...........

  • News: Robots and Punk Rock Puppets 5/25

    Attention Humans! Big show on Thursday 5/25 at Club Metronome in Burlington VT. We will be opening for the legendary Green Jello! Also on the bill is local VT punkers Doom Service and GWAR Tribute band Gwello! Check out the video below for Green Jello's Grammy nominated video.


  • News: Tsunamibots Invade Montpelier Beer Fest

    Attention Humans! May 6th we will be holding a Robotic uprising meeting at the Montpelier Beer Fest on Langdon ST. Hosted by our humanoid friends at The Three Penny Taproom and Buch Spieler Records! We hit the stage at 4:00pm.


  • News: Tsunamibots Join Forces with Choose Your Own Adventure Books!

    Attention Humans! On 4/22 we will be joinging forces with the folks at Choose Your Own Adventure books! Stop by our merch table at the Burlington March of Science and pick up a free book! We will be providing the post march entertainment at Waterfront Park 5:30pm! Robots Unite! Robots Rise!

  • Press: Scientists and Tsunamibots Join Forces!
    The march begins at 5 p.m., starting at the plaza in front of the Royall Tyler Theater on the University of Vermont's main campus. Marchers proceed down College Street toward Waterfront Park. There, the Tsunamibots will begin their robotic assault on all humans who dare withstand their mighty riffs and licks. - Seven Days
  • News: Tsunamibots Invading the March For Science

    Attention Humans! Our next show is 4/22 at the Waterfront Park in Burlington VT. We will be providing the after march entertainment and hold a Robot Uprising rally of our own! Click on the link below for more info.

  • News: Next Show 4/8 Hostel Tevere

    Attention Humans! We are charging our batteries for this next show! Even "The Donald" has something to say about it.


  • Show: Dec 30, 2017 @ Ottos Shrunken Head
  • News: Hostelpalooza 4/8/17 promo

    Attention Humans! Video 1 of a 5 part series.


  • News: Tsunamibots on The Terrorsurfs Schlock N Roll Radio

    Attention Humans! We are honored to have our song "Surfing Craze in the Robotic Age" featured on Schlock N Roll Radio. Tune in or be crushed!



  • News: Tsunamibots Opening for Green Jello 5/25

    Attention Humans! Are circuit boards may melt with this news. on 5/25 at Club Metronome in Burlington VT we will be sharing the stage with the legendary Green Jello. This will be a show not to miss! Also performing will be Doom Service (Punk) and Gwell-o (Gwar Tribute Band) You can purchase your tickets at

  • News: Tsunamibots and Hungry Jack Invade Warren VT 02/25/17

    Attention Humans! Our next show is 2/25 at The Slidebrook Lodge and Tavern with Hungry Jack. Its the end of the holiday week here in Warren VT so we are planning on crushing a lot of humans. Attendance is mandatory!


  • News: Tsuanmibots at Charlie O's 2/18/17

    Attention Humans! We will be invading Charlie O's in Montpelier VT 2/18/17 with special guests The Martians! Attendance is mandatory


  • News: New Limited edition CD available!

    Attention Humans! We have officially sold out of our first two CD's "Rise of the Robots" and "Surfing Craze in the Robotic Age!" Thanks for supporting the Robotic uprising! We are now releasing a deluxe, limited edition, single CD featuring both EP's. Each CD has been screen printed by our very own Master Circuit and contains bonus liner notes and graphics. Order yours today by clicking the Store link. Free shipping!

  • Press: Imperfect 10: Recapping the Best Local Recordings of 2016
    .......But choose I must. So, here are 10 albums that spoke to me for any number of reasons and stood out as representing the best Vermont had to offer in 2016. - Seven Days
  • News: Tsunamibots "The Crushing" In Seven Days Top 10 Local Recordings

    Attetnion Humans! Our subliminal messages..uh we mean our new LP has been featured in the Seven Days Imperfect 10: Recapping the Best Local Recordings of 2016. This a a great Robotic honor.

  • News: Tsunamibots Now on Spotify!

    Attention Humans! Need more Robotic surf rock in your life? Follow The Tsunamibots on Spotify!


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