SRW001 The Zillatones - Planet Lantau EP

It's a sonic portrait of life on Lantau Island by HK's number 1 rock band. First you travel back to the stone age like a VELOCIRAPTOR, and then after that you go to the beach to see nubile asian girls in the MISS MUI WO BIKINI CONTEST, and then after that you do the detective SURF 112 thing (because you ain't been caught stealin' nuthin'), followed by a walk up to CAT CORNER to see what those pesky felines are up to and then its time to go tot the ferry pier and see hordes of feral mainlanders rounded up in the FERAL CATTLE CALL before ending the evening in Lockhart road and stared at by girls using the seductive, but ever so lethal FILIPINA SEX-RAY.



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