Savage guitar driven powersurf twang...... a sonic guttural force with hi energy garage grooves

Sharawaji Records is stoked to announce the release of "Zomboid Surf Attack" by The TerrorsurfsThe Terrorsurfs (El Guapo, T.T. Shaker and Bamalam) as a digital download and digipack CD.  Recorded at The Zoo studio in Hinckley, and tracked and mixed at the Tiki Cave in Nuneaton "Zomboid Surf Attack" introduces the living to mutant zombie powersurf.

Witness mutant marvel El Guapo's savage guitar, drum monster T.T Shaker's primordial rhythms and Bamalam's feral bass grooves on 12 ferocious instros that could withstand the impact of a cataclysmic meteorite strike.

12 fierce instros. The twang has never been so fierce - powersurf with killer riffs forged with primeval DNA.

The CD is available directly from the band at http://terrorsurfs.com and from Sharawaji Records in addition to the digital downloaddigital download for those zomboids who just can't wait for the postman to deliver this radioactive digipack to your door. 

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Get your copy today from http://theterrorsurfs.bandcamp.com or

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