The Terrorsurfs

Genre Surf
City Birmingham
Country UK
Years active Since 2016
Tags horror surf surf punk UK Birmingham


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From the ashes of the splintered Terrorsaurs, El Guapo (the Terrorsaurs' guitar sound) and T.T.Shaker (the drum monster) have mutated into "THE TERRORSURFS" the line-up being completed by rampant bass-pounder BAMALAM. "Savage guitar driven surf twang-o-rama.....a sonic guttural force with hi energy garage grooves." Real surf music with real instruments, real spring reverb, bendy guitars and tremolo-o-o-o The debut 7" "Surf Bomb"/"Loco Dinosaurio", is out now on KILLJOY RECORDS and the album is out late October on SHARAWAJI RECORDS.

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