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Music Marketing and Promotion in the 21st Century

The role of music has changed. Music has become less of a product, and more of a service. Music consumers are becoming more concerned with how easily they can obtain music, rather than obtaining a physical product. Music lovers are interested in forging their identity within a style of music.  Music lovers and venues are looking for quality bands that can deliver a live show that offers a lot more than a live rendition of a recorded piece of music.

Many artists are now able to make high quality recordings at home or in local studios. Musicians are able to collaborate online and distribute their recordings themselves on their own websites. With professional recording facilities available at a reasonable price it is not surprising that so many bands have said NO to independent record labels and gone it alone.

And that is precisely the problem that many bands now face - they have gone it alone.

What is the role of a modern independent record label?

"No record label, aside from the major labels, can market your music as well as you."

Sharawaji Records offers musicians the solution to some age-old marketing and promotion problems.

1. With so many bands in the world, how can a music fan discover my band?
2. How can a music fan know what my music sounds like?
3. How can I make people click to listen to my music rather than thousands of others?
4. How can I grow my fanbase and sell more records?
5. How can I spread my message and let my music be heard by the right people?
6. How can I promote my music when I don't have time? I'd rather focus on songwriting and recording music.

If you have ever asked yourself those questions and found yourself stuck for an answer, you may find Sharawaji Records Music Marketing and Promotion Service an invaluable partner that gives back ten-fold.

In addition to a music production company, Sharawaji Records was built from its foundation as a music marketing company. We understand the difficulties that bands face and exactly how competitive it is to be listener's attention. Here are some solutions to the problems listed above.

1. Sharawaji Records encourages artists to cross promote each other, which means that Sharawaji Records is an excellent platform for music discovery. We also have an innovative platform for online promotion which enjoys a number one spot in the search engines. All artists who join our roster can benefit from an organic SEO (search engine optimisation) programme which is guaranteed to increase your band's online visibility.

2. Sharawaji Records focuses on several sub-genres of music within the surf-rock niche. A lot of music consumers will browse the Sharawaji Records catalogue because they understand that we focus on the type of music that they enjoy (surf rock and guitar instrumentals). By being part of the Sharawaji records roster, music consumers will instantly recognise that you are part of the surf rock community.

3. Sharawaji Records has optimised elements of online and offline music store retail in order to help consumers discover your music. Standing out from the crowd will always be difficult, but we present music in a way that appeals to consumers, that will keep them coming back to discover new music again and again.

4. Sharawaji Records has implemented strategies for both online and offline music promotion. As we said before, there is no record label aside from the majors that can promote your music as well as you. However, Sharawaji Records can MAGNIFY and MULTIPLY your message so that more people can connect with your music.

5. As a niche record label, Sharawaji Records encourages bands to forget the mass market and focus on the people who DO care about your music.

6. Sharawaji Records has learned that the most valuable resource in music marketing and promotion is time.  Let Sharawaji Records focus on marketing and promotion so that you can do what you do best, making great surf rock music. We conduct a full consultation with all artists on our roster to ensure that all our campaigns and promotional activities will deliver the messages you want to deliver to your fans, and those messages organically.  It's still your message, just multiplied by us.

If you would like to join the Sharawaji Records roster of artists, or enquire further about our marketing services please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




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Sharawaji Records can be contacted at either of our international headquarters.

Attn: Michael Egerton

19/F Two IFC

8 Finance Street

Hong Kong SAR


Mile High Media Ltd

The Meridian

4 Copthall House,

Station Square




About Sharawaji Ltd

Sharawaji Records is dedicated to fresh new surf, instro, punk and powerpop.  Based in Coventry, UK with representatives in Asia, Sharawaji Records is looking for unique artists with a global perspective.

If you would like to send us your material please send via email or dropbox.  Please don't mail to our registered address as some of the mail is not forwarded to us. 

The Sharawaji Effect:

"Unbridled and unintentional structures disrupt the nature-culture binary and reveal new forms of life beyond their disorder, which paradoxically can be completed fabricated. Thus technological and industrial sounds can become more natural than any imitation of nature. It is this blurring of the edges of aesthetics, this shifting at the frontier of art itself, that defines sharawadgi. (…) The sharawadgi affirms itself in contrast with the very banality it is based on. Sharawadgi sounds belong to everyday life. (…) They become sharawadgi only through decontextualization, through a rupture of meaning. (…) With the sharawadgi effect, we participate in the actualization of an impossible potentiality, and we hold our breath to so as not to prevent its accomplishment. The transported imagination becomes powerless and thus accesses the unlimited, the immeasurable. (…) It is the sublime of the everyday, the invisible but present exception of the ordinary. And it is this sense that we designate sounds – strangely discordant in relation to their context, a brouhaha, a sonic muddle – that magically and suddenly transport us elsewhere.“