Now shipping! King Ghidora's stunning debut album on Digipack CD

Streaming and downloads available

New releases for 2019

New release from Mark Malibu & the Wasagas now shipping on CD

The Terrorsurfs new album "Mutant Surfin' Trash" is now available as a digital download and on 12 inch splatter vinyl from Sharawaji Records.

Released 23rd February 2018

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Sharawaji Records produces and promotes surf, instro and twang.



We have just heard our registered address / office provider changed address in March 2014 without telling us.  Consequently we haven't been able to receive any of your mail or demos.  The 2014 sampler is also delayed as a result, however it will definitely go ahead in early 2015.

In the interim, please do not use the London address, listed on the website and various places on the internet.  We will update about the new address as soon as possible.

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Sharawaji Records is very proud to announce the release of The Zillatones first EP, Planet Lantau.  It's a sonic portrait of life on Lantau Island by HK's best rock band. First you travel back to the stone age like a VELOCIRAPTOR, and then after that you go to the beach to see nubile asian girls in the MISS MUI WO BIKINI CONTEST, and then after that you do the detective SURF 112 thing (because you ain't been caught stealin' nuthin'), followed by a walk up to CAT CORNER to see what those pesky felines are up to and then its time to go tot the ferry pier and see hordes of feral mainlanders rounded up in the FERAL CATTLE CALL before ending the evening in Lockhart road and stared at by girls using the seductive, but ever so lethal FILIPINA SEX-RAY.



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Sharawaji Records is producing a summer sampler with exclusive music from surf bands. If you would like to be featured on the 12 track Summer Sampler please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. B-movie and sci-fi themed tracks are preferred.

Not Of This Surf

Are you in a surf band? We want to help you promote your music with rotation on Surf Rock RadioSurf Rock Radio.

As a small internet radio station relies on bands to submit their tracks for airplay.  There is no remuneration at this moment, but we can promote you to our listeners and make it easy for record buyers to purchase your music.  We can also give you access to a profile page which you can update as necessary.

srrlogo Home | Sharawaji Records - -  Sharawaji Records | Sharawaji.comBenefits:

  1. Surf bands have high visibility visibility on Surf Rock Radio - the website is designed to highlight bands Surf bands are marketed and promoted shoulder to shoulder with similar bands
  2. Surf bands can expect high rotation - we spin new records more often than those of vintage surf bands
  3. Surf bands can be discovered by listeners easily
  4. Surf bands have the opportunity to contribute articles, interviews and news about their bands
  5. Surf bands can make more sales through links to iTunes, cdbaby tunecore and other stores Surf bands can benefit from reviews by our team of reviewers

If you are interested please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with mp3s or links to your mp3s.


24h-liveb Home | Sharawaji Records - -  Sharawaji Records | Sharawaji.comTo help promote the visibility of our artists (and surf bands on other labels) Sharawaji Ltd has launched  We will be playing tracks by independent surf bands, and the occasional bit of vintage surf, garage, tiki, punk, reggae and rockabilly.  Our aim with this internet radio station is to be surf music's number one music discovery and promotion platform.

The first artists to be featured on the station are The Zillatones, The Apollo 4, The 427s, The Sub-vectors and The Spytones.  We hope more bands will join them soon. Please enjoy and share this station.

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